PNMit specializes in turning your business or organization's electronic files into printed output then mailing it first class at substantial discounts that means greater savings and less hassle for you.

Some benefits of using PNMit:

  • Your information is electronically transmitted to us.
  • No charge for setup or design
  • All addresses are verified by US Postal Service certified software
  • All addresses are bar coded with ZIP+4+2
  • Your information is at the Post Office within 24-48 hours of receipt by PNMit
  • You are guaranteed 100% Automation Compliance.  This guarantees the greatest postage discounts available.
  • Your documents are in the mail faster because of the Automation Compliance.  They reach their destination much quicker.
  • Your information is laser printed giving each item an "original" look.
  • All information PNMit receives is kept strictly confidential.  We guarantee this in our contract for services.

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